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Welcome to armenian instruments

“The trumpet is a milestone of music. Its sounds are the closest to our hearts: in its simple finger holes one can find the soul with its emotions, the life with its familiar routines, the mind with its own mindsets and the heart with its genuine emotions…” This is how Komitas, the renowned son of the Armenian nation, the great composer, scientist, and the inimitable artist, once described the trumpet. In the family of Armenian folk wind instruments the zurna, bagpipe, flute (“sring”), “shvi” (pipe) and duduk have their unique places.
Master's biography
Karen Hakobyan was born in Yerevan, Armenia in 1961.
He was graduated from the piano department at Music School, and then continued his education in the department of national instruments at Pedagogical Institute Yerevan, Armenia.
When being a student, he was giving many concerts in Russia, Ukraine, and different regions of Armenia. Soon he was invited to work at Armenian state ensemble of national instruments as a shviahar (exceptional Armenian instrument).
In 1982 Karlen Mirzoyan founded national wind (doxoviye) Tkzar ensemble.
The great musician’s aim was to rebuild national instruments, create new ones by preserving national culture.
And it was the idea which encouraged Karen Hakobyan, and he was there from the very first day. Karen had traveled a lot in all over the world with this ensemble. People in abroad were surprised by the fact that one musician could play at various instruments at once.Karen Hakobyan plays almost at all wind instruments and he wishes to preserve, pass, develop and show the voice and tember possibilities of old Armenian instruments to people in all over the world.
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